by Dead Hour Noise

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Jacob Spitler
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Jacob Spitler This band is built upon incredibly talented musicians who absolutely love what they do, and aren't afraid to take their chances at creating a very original album. Absolutely love this album. Favorite track: Pardon Me.
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Recorded at GTG House in March of 2014
Distributed by Silver Maple Kill Records


released August 1, 2014

Collin Spencer // Vocals, percussion on 'Pardon Me'
Edward Emmerich // Guitar, backing vocals on 'Locusts'
Nick Deason // Drums
Seth Clickner // Bass

Cody Hobbins // Guest vocals on 'Monitor'
Jake Spitler // Guest vocals on 'Pardon Me'

Recorded and mixed by Tommy McCord
Mastered by Jason Roedel



all rights reserved


Dead Hour Noise Lansing, Michigan

DHN formed in late 2013 to play violent music in dingy basements.


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Track Name: Parasite
God forbid that I make a difference
Paraphrase every word that you've spoken
You were set up to fail
Your heads will feel the pressure
And walls will crash down
The shoes will fit when it finally comes around
Why do you look so alarmed?
There have been red dots on your heads
since I walked in the court
Parasites, these people are not dogs
I command you to play dead under penalty of law
Track Name: Sinner
Have my thoughts bled dry in confession booths
Spilling my guts in a desolate room
I have no desire for acceptance
Forbidden by a sworn deity to take from the tree of knowledge
For knowledge is power and we cannot be seen as a threat
I am a sinner among the family
A mastermind of holy war
Making profit is not the same as stuffing your pockets
Who's imaginary friend is better?
More corrupt?
Track Name: Slumber
Enshrouded by their crimson iris
I cannot see clearly through my own
Reality is such a fragile concept when its so easily defied
Pack all your bags and leave here while you're still alive
Four lane interstates entangled me
Streetlights emit black and I can't see
Signs in my brain scream "You're almost home"
But the storm under the surface breaks all my bones
They told me we were worthless
They said I didn't belong
For staying up every night
You told me I was wrong
You said everything was sacred
You said that we were alright
Did you think I had forgotten?
I won't believe your lies
My world fell apart before my eyes
Now I sleep here
Now I'm alone
My escape lies in my slumber
Track Name: Locusts
Break my neck
Submerge my soul
Tear out all my entrails
(Unleash the plague)
Lifeless on the corner
Parade my flesh through these streets
Locusts will surround me
Track Name: 1960
Rip me to shreds whichever way you see fit
We are far too careless to be bold
What is the meaning of all of this?
We may as well be comatose
So I empty all my pores amidst your presence
Retracing all of our footsteps
We may as well be comatose
You were so passionate at the start
Track Name: Affliction
Dragging you through the dirt has become a waste of time
Pull yourself off of your blade
You cannot live by the sword anymore
Breaking all my ties to hopelessness
All I can do is turn my head
Some things are better off left for dead
I can't quite tell who has failed who
When your structures have all fallen
When all the dust has cleared
You won't find me here
Beyond my reach I ask myself "what have I created?"
I know you're still in there
I will claw the surface until the Earth knows of bloodshed
Until the soil has blackened my hands
and you have shattered your affliction
Living your life like a slave
Your mannerisms tear you apart
I'm still trapped in your gaze
You're still trapped in my heart
Track Name: Monitor
Who the hell gave you the right to decide whether I live or die?
Every cell and acid waste provides different forms of bait
Don't let them catch you slipping
They won't hesitate to throw away the key
Let my mistakes poison the families you feed
Do you know what it's like to have everything taken in one night?
It must be so hard
So goddamn hard
Track Name: Pardon Me
I am a stone in a glass house
But that shouldn't take too long to figure out
I wasn't under the impression
The impression of an invitation
There was a time when my reflection wasn't full of confusion
When my side wasn't vacant and a bottle wasn't quite as comforting
I wasn't always like this
I wasn't always empty
Confide your faith elsewhere
I am not your pedestal
I am the scourge guided by my weaker half
Forever tainting the paths I cross
Pardon me
I am a stone in a glass house