Bad Things Are Going To Happen To Good People

by Dead Hour Noise

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Recorded at House of the Holy in July 2015
Distributed by Silver Maple Kill Records


released March 25, 2016

Collin Spencer // Vocals
Edward Emmerich // Guitar
Cody Hobbins // Guitar, backing vocals on 'Danger Dance'
Nick Deason // Drums
Seth Clickner // Bass

Recorded by Nick Deason
Mixed by Nick Deason and Edward Emmerich
Mastered by Nick Deason



all rights reserved


Dead Hour Noise Lansing, Michigan

DHN formed in late 2013 to play violent music in dingy basements.

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Track Name: The Looming Sky
Beneath the looming sky
Beneath the dreary lights
Behold popular obscurity
We'll tear down our own walls
PromoteBad our dismemberment
Fearing what we don't understand
Your mothers, your daughters, your sons
Will feel the consequence of your guns
Such is the folly of man
The looming sky will rain on them
Track Name: Performance Art is Shit
What have you worked for
A seagull's life, looking down on me
What do you have to show
My eyes are bleeding from your aura
I will never be like you
Track Name: Gambler
Bad things are going to happen to good people
I won't sacrifice my humanity
So I can live all my chips in the corner
My luck won't run out today
Morally weak and hate sick
My luck won't run out today
Not today
Track Name: Guerra
Show me your idea of not being good enough
Lost in focus, I've been cast aside
Russian roulette to kill some time
I've always been the one left behind
Set loose the wolves at your feet
Life is only as disposable as you let it be
It's too late for sympathy
You're falling into patterns
Wearing away the soles of my shoes
Exploiting every weakness
You know not what you do
Track Name: Wood Chipper Abortion
Drip with blood, sweat, and tears
Ripped from the womb
Ground up for mulch in my landscaping
Projectile fertilization
At least something will come of the seed
Track Name: Dead Dreamer
My country tis of thee
You will be the death of me
My country tis of thee
You will be the death of me
Don't let the sun set without me
Though I may have fallen behind
To dream is to live
To live is to die
For this life is a nightmare
The death toll
It burns a hole in my pocket
The bastards have thrown them on the frontline
Too many familiar faces
Drowned in their own blood
Tell them I won't make it home
I can't become hollow
I feel myself descend
Become a hole
Track Name: Danger Dance
I could sell my soul
Or I could cheat death instead
Burn my bridges and I'll cross them anyways
Face to face with the dirt beneath
But it's always all in fun
Youth is my winding path to losing mine (We don't live in fear no more)
I don't a reason
Youth is my winding path to losing mine (We don't live in fear no more)
I just need a way out
You can dance if you want to
But I would not recommend it